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Prayer Guide

Thank you for joining us in prayer for our college campuses.

Below you will find information about each college (CSN & UNLV) as well as a couple specific prayer points our team felt led to pray into.



- CSN Charleston (Main)

- CSN Henderson

- CSN North Las Vegas


President - Dr Frederico Zaragoza

Vice President - Dr Sonya Pearson

Vice President (Henderson) - Vacant

Vice President - (North) - Clarissa Cotta

*see more CSN leadership


I-LEAD: Integrity, Lifelong learning, Excellence, Academic Freedom, and Diversity

*read more on their mission & vision

CSN Ministries: To our knowledge there are not any on-campus or off campus ministries geared towards CSN



- UNLV Main

- UNLV Paradise


President - Keith E. Whitfield

*Read more about UNLV leadership


- Access & Equity

- Excellence & Integrity

- Collaboration & Stewardship

- Compassion & Inclusion

*read more on their mission & vision

UNLV Ministries: InterVarsity, Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA), Hope for UNLV

Scriptures & Prayer Points

We are praying for all college students, faculty and on-campus ministries - Here are a few things our team feels led to pray:

• Pray for a broken heart and contrite spirit (Psalm 51:17) among believers/ministries on campus. Ask God to work so profoundly among believers that they seek God with a greater sense of desperation than they’ve ever known.

• Pray for genuine heart change among those seeking revival on campuses. Pray for transparency that results in a deep confession of sin and authentic change of heart and lifestyle.

• Pray for a divine visitation of the glory of God upon college campuses that will cause even the hardest of hearts to surrender to Him and declare that “there is a God!!”

• Pray for a revelation about the fear of the Lord in our lives that would overcome the fear of man.

 Pray thanking God that UNLV is one of the most diverse campuses in our country and that we honor each other well.


• Pray for genuine love to abound between ministries and churches on campus and in our communities and to reach & multiply the students engaging. 


• Pray that no root of division or bitterness would hinder the growth of the Lord’s work in believers and ministries on college campuses and in our communities.

These are my favorite points.

                                                               A few stats to pray into:


    •    Among students who begin their college life as Christians, 75% are falling away from their faith.

    •    On most university campuses across the nation, the percentage of Christians is less than 5% of the student population.

    •    The consequences of this reality are widespread and felt in many churches across America, as the 18 to 30 age group is almost completely missing from the Church today.


SO, WE PRAY/ PROPHESY: ( Ezekiel 37:3-10)


    •    “Though others may see a valley of dry bones, we believe an army will arise from this young generation. Father, we call forth Your resurrection power over our colleges and universities! We declare nothing is too hard for You, for You are the God of the impossible, who even brings life back from the dead.” (Heb. 11:19,35)

    •    “We declare over every fallen destiny on our campuses, that they will be raised back to life. We command the bones to reassemble, flesh to be placed on fallen destinies, and the breath of Life to enter into these slain, that they may live!”

    •    “We pray for prodigals who have turned away or who are running from their callings –we believe You are able to draw each one back, raising them from death to life!”

More Scriptures to pray:

- Psalm 51

- Psalm 24

- Psalm 132

- Isaiah 44:3

- Isaiah 55

- Zechariah 10:1,2

- Luke 18:1-8

- John 17

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